Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family Matters

I have a nephew whose job requires him to fly around the world doing something that people with very, very high foreheads do. He occasionally tries to tell me what it is that he does, but every time he does that he begins speaking in Zaparoan. That is not a spoken language, you think? Well, just ask my nephew what he does for a living. Trust me, the man speaks fluent Zaparoan.

I have another nephew who is a truck driver. We are a very eclectic family.

So my Zaparoan-speaking nephew was returning from Australia to Los Angeles when Quantas had another engine malfunction, this one on a 747, just as the airplane was on the verge of taking off. The engine, apparently, exploded as Quantas engines are showing a rather alarming tendency to do lately. It doesn’t seem to have freaked him out particularly, and my niece (his wife) emailed us about it in sort of an “oh, by the way” tone.

It could have been worse, I guess, he could have had his airplane crash on an uncharted Pacific island and gotten trapped in some kind of time warp, where he is caught up in battling “others” and smoke monsters.

Oh, wait, how do we know that he didn’t? I seem to recall the crash survivors were existing in several places all at the same time, and most of the time even they didn’t know it.

There’s no point asking him about it. Even if it did happen and he knew about it he’d probably try to explain the phenomenon to us in Zaparoan.

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bruce said...

What about still another nephew that is a computer phlebotomist? He's the middle child, never mind him. Somthing you ought to be familiar with.

All kidding aside (and yes I was kidding), Mr. High Forehead is very grounded about such things. Oops, there go the puns. I should quit while I'm ahead. or behind. or whatever. in Zaparoan.

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