Thursday, January 13, 2011


In my post yesterday I wrote that the Tucson shooter had been guilty of threatening public officials which, a reader pointed out to me, is not factually accurate. I appreciate the correction and the civil manner in which it was delivered, along with the implied compliment that the reader was not expecting me to “echo unproven rightwing falsehoods.”

I actually hesitated as I wrote the point in question because I did not remember where I had read it and was not entirely certain as to its accuracy, but I forged ahead because I wanted to make the larger point about the passage of new laws. I still think my point about the reflexive need to pass new laws was valid, but I should have found a better way to make the point.

Usually when I have any sense of uncertainty as to a citation I either don’t use it or I research it to make sure of my facts. I did not do so in this case because I had some other things that I needed to get done and I was in a hurry. That was an error on my part and I want offer assurance to my loyal readers that I will endeavor not to do that again.

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...and this is the reason I will continue to drop by and enjoy reading what is on your mind.

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