Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Stopping Gridlock

In line with the dumbest people in the world, Democratic politicians are a couple of french fries short of a Happy Meal as well. Now that Republicans are in control of the House, and four full years after taking control of the Senate, they are going to do something to weaken the filibuster process in order to "stop partisan gridlock."

Exquisite timing, girls. Now that the Republican House is going to reject anything that the Democratic Senate does and vice versa, this is a really good time to do something about the filibuster. Not to mention that you are shooting yourselves in the foot when Republicans take control of the Senate following the 2012 election.

What makes me think that? Republicans are in a win-win position. If the economy improves they can claim it is because they controlled the House. If the economy stays bad they can claim it is because they did not control the Senate and White House. They will make the pertinent claim, and they will win with it because they are infinitely better at "messaging" than are Democrats.

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