Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Dumbest People in the World

I am still registered as a Republican, but have not voted that way other than in primary elections for many years because I cannot espouse the brutally inhumane policies which that party has adopted and which it laughably calls “Christian values.” I’m not sure how much longer I can stay with Democrats, tho, because this group has got to be the dumbest people in the universe.

Politicians all lie. I have something of a problem with that, but I expect it. They understand that they cannot get elected if they do not lie, and so to a degree their dishonesty is as much the fault of the electorate as it is that of the politicians. But I want the lies to have some degree of credibility, and Democrats will believe that the Moon is made of green cheese with chocolate sprinkles.

George Bush told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. That turned out to be a lie, of course, but it was at least within the realm of possibility that it might have had them. A person with an IQ of more than a single digit might not be faulted for believing that lie because it at least had the possibility of being true.

Barack Obama tells us that we are occupying Afghanistan to prevent it being from used to plan attacks on us and Democrats cheer wildly. We are being led, apparently, by a man who believes that Afghanistan has magical properties of some sort, properties which facilitate attack planning on America. He seems to believe that either the evil doers cannot make plans anywhere else, or that plans made outside of Afghanistan will fail.

He did grow up, of course, in an era of songs about, “I believe in magic.”

Barack Obama says that Republicans “drove the car into the ditch” with excessive spending and cutting taxes, and Democrats cheer and applaud because he is “fighting back” at Republicans. In the real world, of course, fighting back requires striking actual blows, but in grade school and for Democrats name calling and placing blame is sufficient.

He then says that he is going to drive the car out of the ditch by spending even more money and making even deeper tax cuts, and Democrats cheer even louder and cry, “Oh thank God he solved the problem,” and his poll numbers go up to 50% approval.

What? How can anyone think that pursuing the same policy at a greater intensity for a longer time is going to correct the problem which it caused to begin with? I don’t know if it did cause the problem, nor if it will or will not solve it, but that is what Obama just claimed. He is going to do more of what he just criticized the Republicans for doing, and Democrats are ecstatic about it.

Note also that Democratic discussionists are decrying the Republicans for claiming that they want to reduce the deficit while championing policies which increase the deficit. These guys are in a state of high umbrage over the duplicity of such a position, notwithstanding that their own Democratic President makes similar statements about deficit reduction and blithely championed a tax compromise that added $900 billion to the deficit.

Obama could tell Democrats that the Moon is made of bologna, and the Democrats would applaud and say, “Oh good. Let’s slice it up and make lunch.”


bruce said...

The Rubs (and the Dems by association) are stupid for thinking lowering taxes and sustaining spending will "lower the deficit". Yuck. And we elect these idiots. double yuck.

Jayhawk said...

Well, the Republicans at least claim they want to cut spending. They won't actually do it, of course, but at least they claim that they want to.

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