Friday, January 07, 2011

Kicking It Around

Catching up in the local paper, and I see that the Chargers did wind up with the #1 ranked offense in the NFL, as well as the #1 ranked defense. Philip Rivers ranked #1 in passing yardage. No fewer than 18 teams finished with a better record. Local sportswriters, and the head coach of the Chargers, say that it is due to a blocked punt in each of two games, and a turnover or two in each of several others. Two writers say that it was because AJ Smith did not sign Vincent Jackson.

Nonsense. If your offense is scoring 35 points and your defense is allowing only 13, then you can give up not only one touchdown on blocked punts or turnovers, you can give up two such touchdowns and still win. Hell, you could give up three touchdowns on turnovers and still win by a point.

As to the absence of everyone's favorite drunk driver, how did that lose any games when Rivers was setting records for the highest passing yardage in a season with Jackson not in the game?

Excuses are like cattle, they come in herds and are stupid.

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