Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I'll drive: No no, you drive

Back home, to my own bed, my own cat and my own computer. Whew. Still playing catch up, so this will be rather brief.

In the pending confrontation over raising the debt ceiling, a routine and recurring question that always makes me wonder why the hell we even have such a thing since every time we hit the ceiling we simply raise it, Republicans are blaming Democrats for the current deficit and Democrats are tyring to ignore the current deficit and are blaming the Republicans for the past deficit.

All of that is pretty humdrum and routine, really, but what gets me is the Democrats screaming about Republicans and their "unpaid-for wars," while breezily ignoring the fact that we are still fighting costly wars and that they not only did not raise taxes to pay for their own wars, they reduced taxes even farther.

Not only is the pot calling the kettle black, the pot is calling the kettle black while applying an additional coat of black paint to itself.

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