Sunday, January 23, 2011

Artificial Deadlines

Dick Polman, who I read quite regularly and usually agree with, is taking a sharp poke at John Boehner for the House's failure to act quickly on coming up with new ideas to replace Obama's "health care reform" which they just repealed. I thought he might have his tongue in his cheek, but he seems to be quite serious on the issue.

First, Dicky boy, who the hell cares how quickly they come up with a replacement for the repealed bill, since the bill is not actually repealed at all and doesn't need to be replaced? You do understand there are three steps to passing a bill, and that the Republicans control only one of them, right?

Second, if you as a Democrat are so concerned about the timeliness of taking care on uninsured Americans, why do you fall all over yourself supporting a "health care reform" which doesn't do that for the next five years? What is the advantage in waiting five years to deal with the issue?

Why, Dickey, are you castigating Republicans for dragging their feet on dealing with this issue, and silent on Democrats for deliberately postponing it for five years?

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