Monday, February 10, 2014

On Watching the Olympics

Blogging is going to be light for a while because, hiving no feelings one way or another about Russia's hosting of them, I am watching the Olympics, along with college basketball. I have some 12 hours backlogged on my DVR, much of it stuff that I watch and my wife does not, like curling. I'll be back with greater frequency in March. Well, excluding March Madness.

I am still trying to figure out what to say about Obama's latest executive order. After spending five years deporting illegals at a pace more than double that of any previous president, he now says that he will permit an illegal to stay if he has provided "only marginal support for terrorism." Seriously? Run a stop sign and get deported, but "provide only marginal support for terrorism" and you can stay. Who decides what constitutes "only marginal support" and what is more serious level of support which is worthy of deportation?

And why the change at all? Why tolerate any "support of terrorism?"

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