Thursday, February 06, 2014

Now It's Toothpaste

The US government is now hyperventilating about terrorists and toothpaste, while the Russians are basically saying, "Oh please," and ignoring toothpaste in carry-on baggage since pretty much everybody has some. If they confiscated it from everyone who had any their airports would be knee deep in tubes of toothpaste. (That's quite a mental image.)

The Department of Homeland Stupidity did admit it had "no specific threat," so presumably it just heard some miscellaneous "chatter" about toothpaste, which may actually have been a wife telling her husband to bring some home from the drug store.

Meanwhile, if you see someone with a beard buying toothpaste, that's just me and I don't make bombs out of it. I brush my teeth with it.

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  1. bruce7:01 PM

    You don't wear a turban, so you're okay.