Thursday, February 06, 2014

CBS Still Thinks We Should Bomb

CBS Evening News is still logrolling for a military attack on Syria. While hyperventilating about how Assad has “missed four deadlines” to turn over chemical weapons and saying that he has turned over “only 4% of them,” they fail to mention that the US-provided ship which is to carry the weapons away has not yet arrived in Syria, and that the allies arranging the turnover have provided no secure storage while awaiting the arrival of said ship.

So the truth which CBS is not telling us is that it is not Assad who has missed deadlines, it is the nations who are charged with receiving the chemical weapons who have missed deadlines. We can’t say whether Assad is cooperating or not, but the US has certainly screwed the pooch in its part of the bargain, which is providing a ship to cart away the weapons.

The part where the “journalist” says that Assad is “holding on to the weapons to retain power. And so far it seems to have worked” is particularly laughworthy. He has never been in any real danger of losing the civil war, and long before his purported use of chemical weapons he was clearly winning that war. Since then he has seen the rebel forces splintering and even fighting each other, so the idea that he has retained power because he “held onto chemical weapons” is utterly ridiculous.

I love the contemptuous manner in which she asserts that Russia is urging Assad to comply with the chemical weapons deal, the sneer is classic, and then she finishes with “there is little political will in the White House to take unilateral action.” I’m going to have to keep a barf bucket by my chair while watching this crap in the future.

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