Sunday, February 23, 2014

National Security

russiaThe Department of Homeland Stupidity issued a warning to airlines flying into the United States a few days ago to be on the lookout for explosives hidden in shoes of passengers; shoe bombs. It was, they said, a "general warning," and not in response to "any specific threat."

That was the case with last month's "toothpaste bomb" threat, too.

Thanks to Mr. Snowden, we now know that the CIA tracks terrorists and fires Hellfire missiles at them by using signals from the cell phones that they carry, and we are told that the terrorists have countered by ditching their cell phones and using disposable phones for short periods. I suspect that some teenage girl picked up one of the discarded terrorist cell phones and called a friend to tell her of the really great deal she had discovered on shoes down at the Casbah, "They are really cute shoes and we need to hurry," and you can guess what happened. It winds up with us getting a warning about shoe bombs.

1 comment:

  1. bruce5:48 PM

    Hahahahah that's great. I suppose the next move is to track that cell signal and nullify "the threat".

    Wait, didn't they already watch for shoe bombs? From the last person that tried to actually light on off on a flight? Or they figure that was long enough ago, that it's no longer a threat?

    So they they are recycling threats now? Next month it wlll be underwear bombs again.