Thursday, January 02, 2014

Same As The Old Management

After winning the game which sent them into the playoffs, one of the Charger players was celebrating in downtown San Diego and wound up getting arrested for assault. According to the nightclub where it occurred, a member of his party was asked to leave by a security person (otherwise known as a “bouncer”) and the player left with him. He returned an hour later, waited outside an office for the security person to appear and proceeded to attack him. Excellent public relations for the Chargers organization, isn't it?.

Apparently they think so, because their only reaction is that they “will let the legal system run its course.” In other words, his actions have nothing to do with them. Wrong. It is the Chargers organization who hired this thug and brought him to San Diego. If not for them, he would be beating up the citizens of some other city, so the havoc he wreaks in our city is on them. They owe us something more than “will let the legal system run its course.”

Their reaction was the same when another linebacker and an infamous wide receiver were endangering the citizens of this city with habitual drunk driving and assaults on police officers. Not our problem and “will let the legal system run its course.”

The Chargers unapologetically sign up and bring thugs to this city who terrorize and endanger the city with drunken brawls in our entertainment venues, throwing wine bottles across crowded dance floors, assaulting police and security personnel and driving drunk on our streets, and then they want us to spend our tax dollars to build them a new stadium. I don’t think so.

And the new head coach, who I was beginning to like, is handling the situation by saying that “We will move on.” He, too, does not care if his players go out and beat up the citizens of the city. As long as the guy can tackle and is not in prison, he will play.

As much as I despise the New England Patriots, when Aaron Hernandez was arrested that team management did not say “we are not concerned” and “will let the legal system run its course.” They decided that the guy was reflecting discredit on their organization and they dropped him like a hot rock. The Chargers should take a lesson from them.

Update, 2:30pm: Don't get me wrong; I don't think they should fire or suspend Keiser, I am still a fan and will be rooting for the Chargers to win, and I have always been opposed to building them a new stadium at taxpayer expense. I just think they should take more responsibility for their players.

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