Friday, January 17, 2014


Whatever our foreign policy is, it sure as hell isn’t “policy.” The sheer stupidity of our government simply staggers the imagination.

The news is filled with the immense instability that exists in Iraq today. The country is on the verge, we are told, of a deadly civil war. One tiny spark, one false step, one trivial incident and the country could erupt into chaos that would rival that which prevails in Syria just door. And what is our government’s response to that alarming situation? Send large quantities of automatic weaponry to Iraq. Awesome. What could possibly go wrong?

Obama has done some pretty stupid things since he has been in office, but after backing away from bombing Syria, Kerry is once again trumpeting that Assad must go, and that we have methods of hastening his removal. Can anything more thoroughly illustrate the continuance of the Bush stupidity than Obama’s persistence in pursuing “regime change” throughout the Middle East?

Did we learn nothing from the events in Iran in 1979, or Libya in 2011, or Egypt? The people of the Middle East do not want us screwing around with their governments. Is Russia going to stand by idle and let us depose a government which they support?

Only America pours gasoline on a smoldering fire and claims the right to depose the leader of a sovereign nation on its own whim. How long is the world going to allow us to do this kind of nonsense?

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  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    are "they" going to depose Obama and install someone of their own whim? Not likely. Yes the UN can slap him up a bit, but that's it. Most likely. I just don;t expect much in that area.