Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Head In The Sand

This is our rainy season, January is historically our second rainiest month, but we have not had a drop for 36 days and none is forecast for the next ten days. The past month is the first rainless January in San Diego in 38 years. Lake Hodges is at 30% full, and others are not much better.

Mammoth Mountain is making snow, but most of their revenue is presently coming from renting mountain bikes. That part of their business usually closes down in September or early October.

Notwithstanding the drought emergency declared by our governor, the city of San Diego is not rationing water. Incredibly, no local government has even issued guidelines for restricting outdoor water use, let alone set any regulations. The city imposed a limit of ten minutes three times weekly for sprinkler systems in 2009, but is not indicating any need for limits at this point. Head in the sand anyone?

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