Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Heavy Drinking & Cognitive Decline

The Los Angeles Times has an article today which says that heavy drinking in middle age speeds up cognitive decline. No few of my readers may think that applies to me, but my heavy drinking preceeded middle age, I stopped at 38, so I don't think so. Not to mention that I don't think I have had any cognitive decline, although in all fairness I may not be the best judge of that.

The reason for my comment here is the manner in which the article defines "heavy drinking," which they say is drinking "more than 2-1/2 alcoholic drinks per day," and that is just sad. Maybe 2-1/2 quarts per day would be heavy drinking, but 2-1/2 drinks per day is not even a serious drinker, let alone a heavy drinker. 2-1/2 drinks per day is a rank amateur.

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  1. bruce4:13 PM

    interestingly enough, it also said (among other things) that middle aged women who quit drinking suffer speedier declines than those who continue to drink. So maybe you're in good shape after all.