Sunday, October 06, 2013

"Reasonable" Con Job

Just as Bush did before them, the Obama administration has said to Iran that it will negotiate with them regarding their nuclear program, but not until after they have dismantled their nuclear program. I’ve never understood the logic of that approach.

It’s like saying to my neighbor that I will negotiate with him over the nature of his tree, but not until he first cuts down the tree. That's just silly. After he cuts down the tree, what is there to negotiate about? He cuts down the tree and I just say, “Haha, you lose.”

Now Obama and the Democrats are saying to the Republicans that they will negotiate with them over spending, but not until after the Republicans allow passage of a “clean spending bill.”

Saying that they will negotiate, that “we’ll negotiate over all sorts of things,” sounds so very reasonable, but what is there to negotiate after the bill is passed? Unless I’m missing something about the legislative process, after the Republican House passes the Senate’s “clean spending bill” the President signs it and tells the Republicans to piss up a rope. Some negotiations.

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