Saturday, October 05, 2013

Democratic Complacency

I think the Democrats are being a little too comfortable sitting back and letting the Republicans look bad, while doing nothing to alleviate the situation. They should be at least be trying to take some affirmative action to end the stalemate; instead they are simply pointing fingers and saying, “See, it’s all their fault.”

Democrats are calling Republicans “obstructionist,” but it’s Republicans who are passing bills and Democrats who are killing them in the Senate. Democrats claim to be passing bills in the Senate, but that is political posturing because these are revenue bills which, by dictate of the constitution, must originate in the House.

Yes, Democrats are on the populist side, and in a position of logic and reason, but the optics are not in their favor in the long run, and they need to be thinking about that.

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  1. bruce1:40 PM

    I think the Repubs are idiots for tryig to defund Obamacare, when they know it won't get anywhere and they don't have any kind of alternative. And Ted Cruz is a uber idiot. How the heck did he get elected? Oh right he's from Texas. Never mind.

    A bigger fight and problem is the debt limit thing coming up. I don;t like borrowing a third of the money we spend, but it's very hard to cut spending with out hurting one we should not be hurting and I'm not really talking the Pentagon either, but they could be doing some cutting as well. There is too much waste, never mind the continuous war posturing and over surveillance.

    Throw the bastards out and elect people with sound minds and senses. Oh right - they never run for office, do they?