Saturday, October 19, 2013

CBS News Sucks

CBS Evening News has developed a habit of whoring for its "60 Minutes" show on a regular basis. They run clips from that show as a "news item" with the show's logo in the lower corner, and then advise that you can see the entire piece on "our prime time news magazine Sunday night." Yecch.

They also now believe that is a story is worth running, it is worth running every evening all week. This week we were supposed to be utterly fascinated by the plight of refugees leaving North Africa for an obscure island in the Med. They claimed they were talking about Syrian refugees, but those were most certainly not Syrian people; probably Somalis. They advertised that they were going to be "onboard with a Navy rescue ship," not telling us in advance that it was the Italian Navy and that it was routine patrol rather than a rescue mission. Why is the action of the Italian Navy in foreign waters news in the United States?


  1. bruce1:16 PM

    it is news, just not something you may wish to see day after day. Or maybe you don't care about it at all, and would rather see SD city workers argue about watering flowers vs weeds on city street dividers?

  2. Anonymous12:49 PM

    CBS news just plain sucks. They will preempt their evening news for a paint drying contest. They are the only news on TV that actually reruns old news! Cronkite must be spinning at a thousand rpms.

  3. CBS news simply sucks because they can't even present facts as news without injecting their personal, liberal viewpoints. Their anchors need to be told to shut the hell up unless they have facts to say

    1. Anonymous5:34 PM

      Glad others can see and hear .
      Listening to every cbs reporter,makes me sick.
      They need to keep there personal view points to themselves .

  4. I try to watch it from time to time because at one time I watched every night. You are right it sucks. Normally about 5 min and I turn it off.

  5. CBS News sucks because the prioritize shareholders' return on investment over reporting news to the American people.