Monday, October 07, 2013


race carDanica Patrick crashed in the first turn of the first lap yesterday, finishing 43rd and last in the Sprint Cup race at Kansas Speedway. The announcers and driver spoke of the accident as it was something that happened all by itself, was some sort of spontaneous event having nothing to do with the driver, which actually may be true. I think the car was embarrassed by the color it was painted; decided "I'm not staying out here for 267 laps looking like this," and turned itself into the wall. Sort of a vehicular form of hari kari. Regardless of cause, race cars don't want to be pink.

What can one say about the Chargers? That they're not the Giants? Philip Rivers threw the same number of interceptions that Eli Manning did yesterday. Three.

I told my wife that the Broncos beat the Cowboys by 51-48 yesterday and she said that she didn't realize that the basketball season had started yet. What interested me about that game was that about half of the time when the receiver caught a pass, on both teams, there was no defender within five yards of him. What were they doing?

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  1. bruce9:43 AM

    Well, it is a girlie car. And that probably the first time you've NOT said anything about Ms Patrick the driver..

    I was a bit surprised at the high scoring game, I guess the defense on both sides wasn't doing much... except for that last minute interception.

    Well, your Manning Bros are 5-0 and 0-5. Have fun with that.