Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Obama Still Gets It Right

I watched our President speak yesterday after Mubarek announced that he intended to stay until September and not run for reelection. I think President Obama hit precisely the right tone. He spoke beautifully and movingly to the Egyptian protesters. I then listened to Chris Matthews et al screaming that he should have said the Mubarek must leave right now. No, no, no.

If Mubarek is to leave now it is the Egyptian people who must make that happen, not this nation's leadership. The fact that Mubarek's refusal to leave is causing violence is tragic, and it saddens me, but it in entirely the fault of President Mubarek, not of President Obama. We have done far to much meddling in the affairs of other nations in the past, and if their new government is to be truly their own the Egyptian people must chart their own course without us meddling in the process.

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