Monday, February 21, 2011

Bargaining In Good Faith

Much is being made of the union in Wisconsin saying that they are willing to concede on paying a portion of pension and health care costs, and that therefor the governor should withdraw his stance on the collective bargaining issue. They said that, I am given to believe, only after they were threatened with passage of a law removing their power to bargain, so how does that indicate their willingness to bargain reasonably? It does not.

When someone is bluffing and is called, the bluffer cannot "unring the bell." The union's concession offer should have been made while the governor was still bargaining, not after he called it off.

That's like fighting with your wife and saying things, and then after she files for divorce saying, "Well, I didn't really mean those things and wouldn't have said them if I'd known you'd divorce me for them." Think she's going to cancel the divorce? If you think that you obviously are not married.

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