Friday, February 25, 2011

Feh. Is this Monday?

I have made several tries at writing posts this morning, and each time bailed out, realizing I just didn’t really care. Most of what is in the media right now is just rehash.

The Wisconsin affair is still headlined, but all there is to say about that is the same things that have been said before. That doesn’t stop the media, of course, they go ahead and get different “guests” to make the same blather sound different, but it’s still the same blather.

The military is using “psy-ops” on our Congress people. That sounds different, but it’s not, really. It’s just another demonstration of the incredible arrogance and stupidity of our ranking military officers, and of the failure of mainstream media to expose them. Nothing new there.

I’ve already told you about the “weathermen” on television freaking out about the forecast here. I guess I can add that for the first time in more than a decade we are likely to have snow capped mountains visible from downtown San Diego. That prospect is probably more exciting than anything that’s happing in the media.

Democrats and Republicans are still competing to see who can make the stupidest remarks and, in my opinion, it’s still a tie. Democrats, of course claim Republicans are making all the stupid remarks, and Republicans simply ignore anything that Democrats say. Nothing new there.

There’s the turmoil in the Middle East, of course, but you already know that’s happening. You don’t need me to tell you that. Some people (you know who they are) are saying we should get involved in that. I think that would be stupid, and we’re not, so what is there for me to say about that? Good for us.

Maybe I’ll have to wait and see if Congress shuts down the government.
The media is, of course, not waiting but is hyperventilating about various “scenarios” etc. If they do that then I’ll have something to write about.

BYU @ SDSU tomorrow at 11:am EDT. At sea level.


  1. will the BYU team faint from the heat or will the increased oxygen level balance that out?

  2. Heat? The forecast is for record cold, fool. High temp of a mere 51 degrees.

  3. bruce7:21 PM

    Yes I know... maybe it's warm for them.. but the 51 deg is unusual for us, perhaps I was confused. Foolish, never. Now you've gone and offended me. sniff sniff