Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Getting It Right

I share the opinion of the few journalists who are saying that Obama is “getting it right” with respect to the events in Egypt. Actually, I would prefer that the Administration not even go so far as to use the “peaceful transition to real democracy” thing, but certainly we should not be calling for Mubarek to step down. I agreed with one guy who said that Mubarek had to go but that it needed to be the Egyptian people who threw him out, not us.

Even Chris Matthews is finally understanding that our government cannot interfere in the internal affairs of another nation, although he is still bellowing at his guests demanding to know who we should be, or are, backing as a Mubarek replacement and wanting to be reassured that we have CIA in place to manage things.

Somebody please tell Chris that ideally there should not be a Mubarek replacement, and that it was the CIA that “managed things” in Iran in 1979. You may have to remind him how that turned out; he’s a little slow sometimes.

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