Friday, November 20, 2009

Chair Issue Continues

My chairMolly really does have a thing about this damned chair. There are times that she will be sitting in the doorway to my room and when I go to enter the room she will race me to the chair, looking over her shoulder to monitor progress, and leap into the dratted chair just before I reach it.

Yesterday I was in the room doing something else and she was snoozing contentedly in the chair. I left momentarily, was gone only a matter of a few seconds, and when I returned she was just inside the door, in the process of leaving the room. As soon as she saw me coming she raced for the chair and jumped back into it, sitting down and staring at me with that inimitable feline look of disdain.

I’m not sure if she likes the chair, or if she just likes keeping me out of it.

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