Saturday, November 14, 2009

Amtrak = Fail

parked The drive between San Diego and LA can be as little as two hours, but on holiday weekends it is not unusual for it to take four hours or more, so when I was invited to visit my nephew on Thanksgiving weekend, I had the bright idea to ride Amtrak.

It started out to be a good idea. There are twelve trains daily, the fare is quite reasonable, and the ride is about 2.5 hours station-to-station. Okay, excellent. “Hmmm, what’s this ‘Service Notice’ thing?”

The “Service Notice” turns out to be that the train is only running from Los Angeles north from now until an indefinite date in the future, and between Los Angeles and San Diego service will be provided by bus except on four days; Nov 28, Dec 5, Dec 26 and Jan 2 of next year.

So that train you see parked there? Yeah; it’s parked.


  1. Actually, the nephew invited himself to Jayhawk's house, but that is splitting hairs.

    But yes, bummer about the Amtrak thing.

  2. The joys of shared tracks......