Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My client has slowed down and the dangerous condition of me having some free time on my hands has given me an itch to "upgrade" my blog. I want, among other things, to have a picture of a train in the heading, and do something clever with a subheading about a posting "cars in a train of thought." Okay, I'm still working on that. It means uploading a whole new "template" though, so things may look a little weird for a while.

I've also saved this template, of course, so if things get too bad you may see it reappear (temporarily or permanently).

I have touted Blogspot to people new to blogging for quite a while, in part because of the amount of customizing one can do with its appearance. Wordpress has much to recommend it, but it's not real easy to play around with its looks. Blogspot also has a user's forum (click on "Help" in the Dashboard) which is very active and friendly.

So regardless of what I accomplish, I should have some fun.

Notice the new "Permalink" and "Share this" gadgets at the bottom of each post. I have no idea whether or not the latter works. If anybody finds out, please let me know.

Update: Tuesday, 7:15pm; It didn't work, removed.

Update: Wednesday, 7:30am, Okay not much different yet, other than being blue, which I like. It is, however the new style template and I'm shopping various various "open source" template sites before I do much customizing. The way google has set up changing fonts and colors is quite cool.

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  1. I like that "Permalink" trick. I also like the trick Wordpress has of being able to respond to a comment directly.
    Someday I might learn cool tricks like those. Well, if Blogspot lets me do the second one, that is.
    But I would also probably want the huge book of Everything you would ever want to know about HTML that DTE took away to school back home.

    ("warfurea" What kind of verification is that?)