Monday, March 23, 2009

Running Out of Patience

As much as I dislike David Gregory, bear with him to listen to what Erin Burnett says right at the end of the clip. (What Tom Brokaw has to say is not exactly gibberish, either.) She refers to the public running out of patience with the difference in income between the upper class and the working class.

I have written before on the deception inherent on the George W. Bush "Ownership Society" mantra, on how this was nothing more than a ploy to perpetuate the belief among the "have-nots" that they could become one of the "haves" in order to continue governmental favortism toward the latter group. The "have-nots" will continue to vote against their own interests only for so long as they can be made to believe it is not against their own interests, and the way you do that is by leading them to believe that they can become one of the favored few that is receiving favored treatment. This is the modern version of the "American Dream." This is George Bush's "Ownership Society."

And the "have-nots" are losing patience with it.

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