Sunday, April 13, 2008

Who speaks for you?

To the Democratic voters in Pennsylvania,

You live in an area known as the “Rust Belt” in tribute to a steel industry that died a slow and lingering death. You have watched your job and the jobs of your neighbors shipped overseas for higher corporate profits.

The cost of feeding your family has increased by 24% recently. The cost of heating your home and driving your car has increased 84% in that same time. The cost of health insurance premuims, copays and deductibles has gone up by 17% and more. While all those costs have risen, your wages have gone down by 4% in the same period.

For decades the politicians have been saying that they care about you and that they will make things better for you, but they pass tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit only those who make far more income than you do. They cannot pass an increase in the minimum wage until they decide to accompany it with offsetting tax breaks for businesses. They are eager to bail out the failed hedge funds and pass tax breaks for failing home builders but cannot decide to rescue homeowners facing foreclosure.

So which candidate is speaking for you?

Is it Hillary Clinton, who appreciates that she finds you to be “optimistic, upbeat and positive” in your outlook?

Or is it Barack Obama, who says that he understands why you are pissed off and agrees with you that things need to change?

Answer that question with your vote on April 22nd.

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