Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Clinton's New Strategy

Can anyone tell me what this column is about? I picked it up from Google News reader and thought it was something from the Onion, but it appears to be an actual column in the Washington Post. The column starts like this,
Hillary Clinton took an important step Monday toward winning the Democratic nomination by launching an ad targeting Barack Obama's recent comments about working-class voters clinging to "guns or religion." The ad is a marked change from her recent determination to use a positive message until the Democratic convention…

Where has Douglas E. Schoen been while the rest of the media is talking about Clinton’s “kitchen sink” strategy? He goes on to say that,
Clinton has provided a compelling case for her candidacy thus far.

Um, to whom has she done this? That gem is immediately followed by,
After all, the superdelegates have the power to end the Democratic contest now and have chosen to wait.

And that illustrates her “compelling case” exactly how?

You should follow the link above and read the column, and then give me a comment to let me know if you think this Schoen person is completely out of touch with reality. Also let me know if you can think of a reason why the Post would print this, even on page A15.

I was getting really disgusted with her, as John Cole at Balloon Juice put it, "running to every microphone with a zeal that would impress Chuck Schumer to claim that America’s blue collar workers are under assault from a San Francisco effete liberal latte-sipping out-of-touch Obama," until I read that she was having all of the impact of a whiffleball hitting one of the Pyramids of Giza.

And, of course, as a recovering alcoholic of 26+ years, I was duly impressed with her ability to down a shot of Crown Royal in a single gulp. That surely swayed my vote, as I’m sure it did for every MADD member who was watching.

But, according to Doug Schoen, she “needs to go negative.” She gets any more negative, and the entire nation will be ankle deep in barf.

Telling Hillary Clinton to "go negative" is pretty much like telling Jon Stewart to "do snark." It's like telling a fish to swim, or a lion to eat zebra.

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  1. Anonymous3:08 PM

    "important step" ? I knew right there it was asinine, and it was confirmed right after that with "winning the ... nomination" and .."compelling". I really don't think she can win it, unless there is a large richter sized upset back-end deal or fraud. And the only thing 'compelling' about this is the compelling need to barf.

    And yes, he is out of touch with reality. Maybe he should run for public office, I'm sure he'd fit right in.