Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Democracy in Action

Elections are held in Zimbabwe and violence erupts as those in power conceal the results and call out the army to remain in power amid claims that they actually lost the election.

Elections are held in Kenya and the UN has to broker a power sharing agreement between the winning party and losing party, because the party in power won't release its hold on the government.

Elections are held in Palestine and neighboring states (and the US) will not recognize the winning party and renounce the state as rogue because they do not like the legitimate winners of the election.

Elections are pending in Iraq, so the party in power is stamping out the party that threatens to replace them, using military force and being assisted in that effort by the US and Britain.

Democracy is not doing very well world-wide. It's still the best form of government there is when it works, but it's not working very well in many places.

Here, we trash the elections before they happen.

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