Thursday, July 19, 2007


A number of bloggers have expressed distaste for the term "Homeland." Let me add my voice to that chorus. Whenever I hear that word I hear a German dictator of the 1930's. The word is pure demagoguery.

I was reminded in a post I read that “W” promised in his first campaign to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant. He presented himself as environmentally friendly, which most of us knew he most certainly was not, and specifically said that if he was elected his administration would regulate the emission of carbon dioxide. Six years later it required an order of the Supreme Court to hold him to that promise. To the best of my knowledge he is at present ignoring that Supreme Court order.

My “issue” with the Democrats is not that they have failed to stop the war in (make that “end the occupation of”) Iraq. Nor is it that they have not begun impeachment proceedings. It is that the oversight proceedings are being conducted with such timidity. They seem quite content to let Bush “run out the clock” on his term and just win the upcoming election for themselves. If they do that they do not deserve to win the upcoming election.

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