Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Delusional Dishonesty, Part 2

Subtitled, “Are You *#@%$*&^*$* Kidding Me?”

Michael Chertoff, Director of the nation’s Department of Homeland Security, our country’s highest official regarding national security matters, announced in Chicago yesterday that he believes this country is in for an al Qaeda attack this summer.

His evidence: absolutely none.

He is making this announcement based on his “gut feeling” and on the assertion that “summer is when these people seem to like to be active.”

September 11th is precisely in the middle of summer, right?

There’s more. ABC News released from “Senior U.S. intelligence officials” that an al Qaeda cell is on its way to the United States, or may already be here. The threat is so dire that a meeting has been called to discuss what may be done. Not just any meeting, but a meeting in the Situation Room in the White House.

Sources: not named. Evidence: absolutely none.

The Administration weakened its fearmongering slightly in that the news release implied that the upcoming attack by the al Qaeda cell that’s on its way (or here) is believed to be aimed at a government building. They give no reason for that. Perhaps the government is simply more fearful for itself than it wants us to be. In any case, they are going to scare government workers the most, since the rest of us can simply stay the hell out of government buildings.

I’m trying to decide which is more corrupt: the government that promulgates this bullshit, or the media that promotes it.

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