Saturday, July 21, 2007

Duplicitous Delusion

Full disclosure: a significant purpose of this post is merely to be able to use the title.

Bush is fulminating furiously over Congress shelving the Defense Authorization Bill. It contains a pay raise for the military so them shelving
it will deny a much needed raise to his much beloved troops. Before they shelved it, however, he said he was going to veto it. Why was he going to veto it? You got it; because the military pay raise was too much.

So when Congress wanted the bill to pass he was going to veto it. Now that the aren't passing it, same bill, he's castigating them for not passing it.

And we are supposed to listen to this boob?


  1. If only we could get a few million folks standing in foront of him with their fingers in their ears chanting, "Lalalalala... We aren't listening to you." Unfortunaely, I am not convinced it would make a differance.

  2. Umm, that was supposed to be, "in front of him"