Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cooperative Cat (updated)

Just back from the vet: Molly's ear infection is all cleared up and, while having the vet poke in her ears really pissed her off, Molly behaved like a perfect lady.

The vet recommended a new kind of cat food and I had all kind of visions of horror. Cats hate having their food changed, but I trust this doctor implicitly so... I put the new food in Molly's dish and held my breath. Molly gobbled it like this is just what she had been waiting for. Whew.

Update: answers for Barbara

The ear infection was a yeast infection in both ears. Much head shaking, scratching with back foots, and black gunk. Injections of medication twice daily were required, with periodic douches for cleaning which Molly most emphatically did not appreciate. We have no clue how she got it, since she has been strictly an indoor kitty for more than two years.

New food is Innova Evo, and she is still chomping happily on it.

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  1. Why did Molly have an ear infection? Did you get to look at it yourself or see pictures? What is her new food?
    When Jodi (DTY'S cat) had an ear infection several years ago (almost to teh point of bursting the eardrum, poor thing) we got a picture of it to take home. Not a pretty site.