Monday, September 05, 2011

Wierd Suicide

A few weeks ago a young woman was found dead in the Coronado mansion belonging to her multi-millionaire boyfriend, with whom she was living. The cause of death was ruled “undetermined” at that time, and on Saturday was announced as being suicide. Some people, and I confess that I am one of them, find that just a little bit weird.

If you were going to commit suicide would you 1) get naked, 2) cut a rope into three pieces, 3) use one piece to tie your feet together, 4) use another piece to tie your hands together behind your back, 5) tie the third piece to a bed frame in the bedroom, 6) drag that rope out into the hallway and tie it around your neck and finally 7) jump over a waist-high railing and off of a balcony? I’ll grant that people committing suicide are not particularly sane, but that is a really weird method for doing the deed.

Police demonstrated a very clever method whereby one could tie one's hands behind one’s own back, but why precisely would one do that? Very strange. Did I mention that the boyfriend is a multi-millionaire?


bruce said...

Well, I for one think your PD is not on top of it's game anyway, from media and blogger reports.

Arthur said...

Sounds like the "Golden Rule" in operation to my. You know, the version that goes "He has the gold, makes the rules".

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