Thursday, September 08, 2011

That Was A Debate?

How many times did they actually answer the question that was asked? Or, hell, any question at all? “I reject your attempt the get Republicans fighting with each other.” Good laugh line, dickhead, now answer the question.

Rick Perry called Social Security a “Ponzi scheme” but he gave no analysis to back up that conclusion, that is facts to describe precisely what makes it a Ponzi scheme, and he offered no solutions to either repair or replace it. Immediately after decrying federal taxes as being too high, he complained that he has been “begging” for the federal government to send 1000 or more additional border patrol agents to his state.

Securing the national borders is a federal responsibility, so I’m not suggesting that each state should defend its own portion of that border, but his statement is a typical Republican one of using a single breath to call for cutting taxes and demand increased spending. And the question has to be asked, why should the federal government spend one thin dime fighting wild fires in Perry's state?

Todd Graham, a debate coach in Illinois, provides an excellent discussion of Perry’s evasions in the debate, which were many, along with some of the other debaters’ foibles, for CNN Opinion. It’s an interesting read and I recommend it to you.

“I’m a physician, but you aren’t going to ask me any questions about health care.” Well, no, because you’re also an idiot. National health care is not about being a doctor, it’s an administrative issue, and it requires someone who is, um, smart. This is they guy who says that airlines can do a better job of keeping airplanes safe than the TSA, except that they didn’t in 2001.

Newt Gingrich, of course, had to level a blast about “losing three cities to nuclear bombs in a single morning,” because “there are people out there who want to kill us in large numbers.” He is just so 2003. He’s also worried about Muslim spy cells and the infiltration of Sharia law, so actually he’s more 1955. He looks 1927.

And Democrats are worried about Obama losing next year. Really?

These people keep saying we should leave everything to individual states, like welfare and health care programs, but we’ve been there and it did not work. Either they are to young to remember that, or they have gone brain dead and don’t remember something called “welfare migration.”

Business and their employees moved out of states which offered high welfare benefits, because those states had high taxes, and they moved to states which had low taxes. You can guess what kind of welfare those low tax states offered. People who needed to live on welfare moved to the states that businesses had moved out of. The result was disaster for states which offered high benefits and boom for the low benefit states, and it put states in competition with each other.

The eight idiots on that stage want to go back to that chaos.

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