Sunday, September 04, 2011

Geaux Tigers

Well, the highlight of college football’s opening weekend was watching LSU rip the wheels off of Oregon's little, um, fluorescent green wagon. Les Miles’ defense was back in full flower but when some silly AP writer opened his piece by saying that “Jarret Lee admirably directed the LSU offense,” I had to assume he didn’t watch the game. Or read the stats. Or know a damn thing about college football. Lee completed 10 of 22 for 98 yards, which is somewhat less than stellar. Some work certainly needs to be done on the Tigers’ passing game.

I watched San Diego State on “The Mountain,” which is sort of a weird network. For one thing, whenever they reinstated the graphic which displays the score it was accompanied with a sound effect that sounded almost precisely like a little fart. Every time I heard that little “phffrblt” I didn’t know whether to laugh or be annoyed.

Anyway, at halftime coach Rocky Long said that he thought that the offense was doing rather well but that “the defense stunk.” His words. I like a coach who says it like he sees it, and I pretty much agreed with him. They were better in the second half, but they go against another option offense next week, and a better one to boot, and more discipline is definitely needed.

The other SEC game I watched was Ole Miss looking rather pathetic, but that is pretty much what I have come to expect from Ole Miss. It did mean that I had to suffer through watching BYU not lose. Oh well, I understand ‘Bama did well, and of course Auburn pulled one out of its ass Friday.

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