Sunday, September 18, 2011

NCAA This Weekend

Auburn was just pathetic. Gene Chizik needs to tell his defense that getting their hands on the ball carrier is not enough, the object is to make the ball carrier, you know, fall down. That’s assuming that they have a clue where the ball carrier is. He also needs to tell the secondary that they are not there as observers, and that they need to do something other than merely watch receivers catch the ball and comment, “Oh, nice catch.” Clemson was playing football, Auburn was playing a combination of “tag, you’re it,” "hide and go seek,” and “button, button, who’s got the button?”

LSU won, but other than that I don’t want to discuss the Tigers this week.

San Diego State has been watching the Chargers too much. Hey guys, the game starts in the first quarter, not the third. If they’d played all four quarters like they did the last two, the score would have been something like the Utah-BYU game, in which some towel throwing might have been in order. Utah sort of poured salt in the wound by giving their second string quarterback some practice, which I thought was funny but a little rude, given that BYU was the home team.

Anyway, back to SD State, Rocky Long has been saying that he wasn’t afraid of the “big bad Pac 10 12," and I guess he proved his point. I have been telling “The Cabbie” that Rocky is a better replacement for Hoke than he thinks, and sooner or later he is going to give up and admit that I’m right.

Of course, next week will shed some light on that subject.


bruce said...

Some of the NFL scores were outrageous, too. Enjoyed the funny comment about Utah-BYU. Will wait to hear from the Cabmeister..

momlee said...

Re Utah-BYU: probably more than a little rude, but hey, it's BYU. And don't expect any towel throwing - not from BYU, especially against Utah. I'll give 'em that. Grudgingly.

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