Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chargers, Opening Kickoff

I am so glad the Chargers solved their problems on special teams. Shit.

Monday am: Actually, other than the opening kickoff, the special teams looked fine. The defense was awesome. They gave up that one 3-play drive for a touchdown, but other than that held the Vikings to one field goal all day. In the second half Minnesota had a total of 26 yards of offense.

What concerned me is our vaunted offense, which didn't look very good. They didn't adjust to Minnesota's cover deep defense until the second half (why he hell not earlier, like in the 1st quarter?), and even then did not exploit it very well. Three running backs combined for 80 yards rushing, color me unimpressed, and 24 points against that defense does not bode particularly well. Too often scoreless in the red zone.

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