Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Football

Politics is too depressing this week, so lets talk football. Actually, since I watched the Chargers yesterday, let’s talk college football.

The buzz is that LSU has a legitimate claim to #1 ranking. From what I saw Saturday, Alabama has a somewhat more legitimate claim, because the only thing that LSU is better at than dropping passes on both defense and offense is missing tackles on defense. West Virginia gained 531 yards, and I think that 330 of them were gained after missed tackles by LSU. If the Tigers don’t improve on using their hands by the time they play the Crimson Tide, Les Miles is going to be eating grass again.

When the Alabama defensive players graduate they are going to have to be employed in auto salvage yards after hours with chains around their necks and fed raw meat. Those dudes are mean.

The whipping that Arizona State put on USC did not exactly break my heart. I know, I’m from San Diego, but.. Come on, it’s Lane Kiffin.

My cable provider did not carry the SDSU/Michigan game. Thank you Cox.

Okay, Chargers. On a failed Chiefs 3rd and 11 Antione Cason was flagged for illegal contact on the receiver he was covering. The announcers blatted about it being a cheap call, and San Diego is in a uproar about poor officiating. It was bad commentary, since Cason hit the receiver in the face mask. You cannot do that, even within five yards. The call was completely legitimate, and Charger fans need to grow up.

The Chargers faced an opponent who had scored ten points in two previous games and allowed them to score 17 points in the second half; a team that had given up 89 points in the two previous games, and scored a whopping 20 points. To say that was a less than stellar performance would be a massive understatement, and of course the entire team is “not worried” and is saying they “will fix the minor issues” in due course.


Bartender Cabbie said...

LSU needs to work on defense. Either Bama, LSU and/or Oklahoma have a legitimate claim at number one. This week will see Bama perhaps challenged by Florida. LSU should have no trouble.

bruce said...

Fix what "minor issues"? Looks like SD is on track for a repeat season of what they do best.

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