Friday, September 30, 2011

Keeping America Safe

President Obama has said repeatedly that his “first responsibility is keeping America safe,” so as his reelection campaign ramps up we are being pelted with news of terrorist leaders killed overseas, terrorist plots thwarted here at home, and now we hear that he is even making progress on keeping us safe from asteroids. Even Fox News is forced to admit progress on that front as it covers the announcement from NASA that the number of asteroids threatening Earth has been reduced by almost 50%.

Obama’s Justice Department just this week thwarted a plan to “blow the Capitol building to smithereens” using two pounds of explosive in a model airplane; explosive, it should be noted, that was sold to the plotter by none other than (wait for it…) the FBI. As far as I can tell, he bought the model airplane himself. I was out of communication yesterday (see above) so I missed the DOJ representative standing at a bank of microphones solemnly declaiming about how “we almost lost the Capitol building” and such.

And, much to be celebrated, the American citizen who has been at the top of Obama’s execution list ever since Bin Laden was erased from it was killed in an air strike yesterday. Of course, he is on that list not for anything he has ever done, but merely for what he has said. So much for free speech. Everyone is being coy at this point, and no one is saying whose air strike it was, but it occurred in a nation with which we are not "at war."

And Republicans claim that Obama is “weak on terror.”

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Eric said...

I trust you came through the surgery well! I enjoy your blog even when I don't completely agree. You are certainly right on with this one though.

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