Monday, September 12, 2011

America The... Oh Whatever

President Obama was making a speech about how this nation "refuses to live in fear" while our streets in New York, Los Angeles and Washington were being patrolled by guys wearing body armor and carrying machine guns because some dude in Pakistan said something and we believed him. He was, of course, standing behind bullet-proof glass when he said that, and he went on to warn that "Al Queda will never quit trying to attack us."

One airliner was escorted by fighter planes because a drunk onboard was spending too much time in the lavatory and the flight attendants got scared, and another one was similarly escorted by fighter planes because a couple decided to join the "mile high club" in the lavatory of that airplane. I'm not sure what the flight attendants thought those people were doing in there in either case, but they called for a fighter escort to protect the airplane from whatever they thought it was. I'm equally uncertain what they thought the fighters were going to do about whatever it was the people in the lavatory were up to, other than shoot down the airplane, in which case I suspect the passengers would hardly applaud the attendants' "abundance of caution."

I was seriously appalled when, following a very moving rendition of "Taps" at an NFL football game, the crowd started chanting, "USA, USA, USA." The chant gained no momentum and died out rapidly, to my immense relief. If I never hear that ugly chant again in my life I will be happy.

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