Thursday, July 08, 2010

Olbermann Does Hilarity

Keith Olbermann spent the final segment of his show last night getting all snarky about the one-hour special scheduled for tonight on ESPN, during which LeBron James will at long last and with much fanfare announce which NBA team he will sign with for the future.

Given that I find NBA "basketball" about as exciting as watching a bunch of teenaged thugs having a street fight, I was tempted to tune him out, but I decided to watch and I'm glad I did. He was actually almost as funny as he thinks he is, and I was chuckling all the way through it.

But no, I am not planning on watching LeBron's special.

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bruce said...

well, it is pretty lame to have such a "news conference", but you have to give him a little credit for 1) being smart enough to take advantage of his popularity & market it and (2) give the advertising proceeds to charity. Thare are some (too many, unfortunately) and would have pocketed the money.

And, no I won't watch it either.

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