Monday, July 12, 2010

Chris Matthews is an Idiot

Chris Matthews is saying, as we speak, that Republicans are sabotaging themselves in November by running whackos in Senate races that should be easy Republican wins. He's assuming that whackos cannot win, but he routinely speaks of, and with, Senators such as John Kyl of Arizona, Inhofe of Oklahoma, Jim DeMint of South Carolina and, of course, the infamous Joe Lieberman of Connecticut. Not to mention that John McCain has won repeatedly in Arizona. Whackos can't win? Really?

After Chuck Todd scoffs at Sarah Palin's campaign funding and says, "Wake me up when she's for real," Chris Matthews says that Palin, "has a political operation befitting someone with presidential aspirations." Omigod.

He "Finishes" with an editorial about how all of the taxes that we pay "covers only three things; Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid." Actually, not one penny of general revenue taxes goes toward either of first two of those things. Each of them is funded by its own trust fund, with each trust being funded by a payroll deduction.

As Keith Olbermann would say, "That man is an idiot."

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