Sunday, July 25, 2010

The "Brickyard 400"

I watched what passed for a stock car race at Indianapolis earlier today. I should say that it was on the television while I read the Sunday paper, etc; not sure how much I actually “watched” it. To the extent that I did, I kept hoping they would interrupt more often for commercials. Maybe something about Internet websites, or auto repair shops or, shit, nose hair clippers.

ESPN kept trying not to let us see the grandstands, but they slipped up occasionally. Yikes, I think eleven people were in attendance. No there were six more in stands at turn four, so make it seventeen. Seriously, I believe there were more race cars than spectators.

Actually this time my wife had it right, I watched “cars driving around in a circle.” They never showed more than one car at a time, but it wasn’t because they were doing close-ups; no two cars ever got close enough together to get more than one at a time in the camera shot. The only excitement was when one car got a flat tire. News flash; the San Diego freeway is pretty exciting when a car gets a flat tire.

San Diego freeway drivers are certainly more competitive.

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Mad Mikie said...

It was definitely a snoozer except for the couple of accidents Bill.

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