Saturday, July 31, 2010

Epistemological Nonsense

When this word first came out I had no idea what it meant. I have read its definition, in fact I have read several definitions, and I still don't know what it means. I have read many articles in which the word is used, and it is clear that the people who use the word also don't know what it means because no two people use it the same way.

Somebody made this damned word up, and it took off like wildfire in the punditry and blogosphere because it is such a cool-looking and meaningful-sounding word. Anyone using this word is bound to sound intelligent and insightful, and his readers will know that the writer is smarter than they are because they don't know what it means and he does. Obviously he knows what it means - he used it in a sentence, didn't he?

One thing has been consistent; every article that I have read which has contained the word "epistemological" has also contained not one grain of intelligent thought. Probably including this one, but...

Such is the stuff of what passes for modern journalism.

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