Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Beer Summit

The subject of Henry Louis Gates has finally arisen, which I've been waiting for, but not quite in the manner that I expected. The context seems to be "the President blows it again on the race issue," which strikes me as exceedingly odd. I was expecting something like, "no matter what he does he's wrong," but I probably should have known better.

You may recall that in the Gates issue he commented that the police "acted stupidly," which was actually pretty accurate, but which got him castigated by all and sundry for a) automatically "siding with the black guy" and b) daring to be critical of our valiant defenders of civil order.

This time his administration, not him but his minions, goes the other way and he is accused of reverse racism. I really like the "reverse" part. It's actually just racism, folks, and he didn't in any case.

What it all proves, I think, is that the media is pretty much going to fling feces at Obama no matter what he does, which is kind of liberating, really.

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