Sunday, July 18, 2010

No Oil Into The Gulf

Olbermann has been prophesying doom from the day this well blew and, even as this cap was being put in place, was focusing on the possibility of it blowing up the wellbore rather than how it might stop the disaster. Well, here’s what the new cap is actually doing at this point. The little flecks you see are fish swimming around.

No Oil Today
Even now he is talking about the pressure in terms of how it might yet meet his expectations of failure, proving that he is a disaster journalist rather than any kind of newsman. Interestingly, he keeps referring to the pressure as “pee ess eyes,” in some sort of pluralized version of “pounds per square inch,” something that an average high school graduate would know is an error. I don’t expect much from Olbermann himself, he is clearly an idiot, but doesn’t he have a staff to advise him?

Oh well. (Pun not intended.) Apparently come Monday they are going to return to collecting the oil rather than leaving the well shut off. Hopefully some sane news show will provide an explanation for this which will not involve speculation about oil company profits.

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