Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Voting Problem

There is a serious problem with our two-party system. It is becoming more and more apparent that neither party is able, or willing, to govern in the best interests of the people it represents. Every time we throw one party out, the other party acts very much like the party we just evicted.

The solution is to throw out everybody; mount a "dump the incumbent" movement and just vote against the person in office, regardless of party affiliation. That would, maybe, send a message that the voters are reasserting their control of government.

My problem is that all of my elected representative are Democrats. Doing any kind of write-in is a farce, and the idea of voting for a Republican just fills me with revulsion. What to do?

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bruce said...

I agree... most politicans are in a "self-service" mode, where they want to preserve thier own hold on power. How many of these actually listen to the voting constituents?

Vote anyone, just not the incumbent. And hey, newsflash! not all republicans are bad. Of course, your republican choices might be bad. And your democrat choices could well be crap, too.

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