Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beyond Jockism

Winners of the NCAA basketball tournament are invited to visit the White House, meet the President, and have their picture taken giving the President a team jersey. The winner of the NASCAR stock car racing championship is treated similarly, as are the Super Bowl winners. All those athletes and jocks have been hobnobbing with the "prez" for many years.

Well, Obama just added a category; National Science Fair winners.

Republicans are undoubtedly going to regard that as elitist and arugula-eating snobbery; maybe outright geekery. They will also almost certainly be even more disgusted to learn that The Mythbusters, absolute geekiest of supergeeks, were invited to the White House announcement.

I think that all of it is just awesome.

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bruce said...

it's about time the eggheads got invited to the White House. It should been done a long time ago. There is hope yet! Geeks Rule!

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